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We believe in giving value for money for Landlord Debt, Rent Collection and Eviction Services.

For that reason, we have developed a brand new Membership Scheme for our clients. Just some of the benefits are listed below, please Click To Contact Us to find out more and how to join us.

  • Up to 30 current and historical Debt Collection cases for pre-legal work
  • Membership rates for Skip Traces
  • Membership rates for Eviction Proceedings
  • Membership rate for County Court Proceedings
  • Membership rates for Enforcement Proceedings
  • The cost to become a member is only £350 and you don’t have to submit all the 30 cases in one go. They can be spread out as and when you require them, until you reach the 30 case mark


  • Squatter

    & Trespasser Proceedings

  • £1050

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