Rent and Debt Collection

Rent and Debt Collection Services

On reviewing your case, we will advise on the best course of action to take depending on the Debtors circumstances.

If you have not obtained a County Court Judgment against the Debtor, we can initially chase for the arrears, with a series of letters, emails and telephone calls, with a view to collecting the outstanding amount without the need for Court Action. This service also includes the obligatory Letter before Action.

The total cost for this action is just £200.

If the Defendant ignores our demands for payment, and we believe there is a strong chance of recovering your money, upon your instruction, we will issue County Court Proceedings against the Debtor, to obtain a County Court Judgment.

The cost for this action is just £200 + Court Fee - Call Us On 01335 216167

If, on receipt of the County Court Judgment, the Defendant still does not pay, see Enforcement Section.

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