Section 8 Notice

Section - 8 Support Services

ARC Colls offer a complete Full Possession service based on the Section 8 notice to quit framework from the Housing Act 1988.

We offer this complete package including the court fee of £175.00 to our clients for just £599.00 - Call Us On 08454 961 906

You can see the stages of the Section 8 service below, if however you wish to discuss the service or any element of it in more detail please feel free to give us a call.

Stage One

Preparing the Claim Form and Issuing the Claim at Court,

Stage Two

Obtaining the earliest possible hearing date,

Stage Three

Preparing and issuing a Witness Statement for you and other necessary Court documents.

Stage Four

Representing you in Court at the hearing and liasing with lawyers acting on behalf of the tenant.

Stage 5

Providing you with a detailed written record of the events at the Court Hearing.

Stage Six

Obtaining the Court Order for Possession and a County Court Judgment for the full arrears at the time your tenant leaves your property.

What Is Section 8

A ' Section 8 Notice To Quit ', also known as a 'section 8 possession notice', is so called because it operates under section 8 of the Housing Act 1988. A section 8 notice is served on the tenant by a landlord wishing to regain possession of a property during the fixed term of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST).

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