Lease Forfeiture

Lease Forfeiture

If you have a Tenant who is in arrears under a Commercial Lease, and all other attempts to recover the arrears have been unsuccessful, then we are able to attend the property to peacefully re-enter and forfeit the lease under the terms of the Lease or Common Law.

We will, within 24 hours of instruction, attend the property outside business hours and legally force entry into the property. Once entry has been gained, we will complete a full inventory of any goods in the property and provide photographic evidence of this. We will then complete utility meter readings, and record the overall condition of the property. We will then secure the property, display the relevant Possession Notices and arrange for the new keys to be delivered to you or your agents.

The total cost for us to attend a Commercial property, to either collect the outstanding rent or seize, remove and sell their goods, is just £930 - Call Us On 01335 216167

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