Tenant Eviction Problems

ARC Collections offer a comprehensive range of debt recovery and tenant eviction solutions. Call 01335 216167

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ARC Collections has over 12 years’ experience in helping landlords and property owners deal with debt recovery and property eviction matters. Call 01335 216167

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Recover Your Debts

ARC Collections offer a range of services to help you recovery back rent and other debts after you have won a court judgement. Call 01335 216167

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Regain Control of Your Property FAST !!

ARC Collections will help you to legally evict your tenants and regain control of your property as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Call 01335 216167

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ARC Collections - The Eviction Specialists

ARC Collections are specialists in Residential Evictions, Commercial Evictions and Residential and Commercial Debt Recovery. We offer fast, reliable and efficient services across the UK. Call Us on 01335 216167

Residential Eviction Services

Our Eviction Team review the situation relating to your case and give you advice on the fastest and most cost effective route to Tenant Eviction.

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Commercial Eviction Services

With regards to Commercial Rent and Eviction proceedings, the law is different to Residential action, in as much as in most cases, Court Proceedings are not required.

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Rent Collection Services

ARC Collections are a major Debt Recovery and Tracing company, solely for the Property Professional. You could be a Letting Agent, Housing Association, Private Landlord or Buy To Let Investor.

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Debt Collection Services

On reviewing your case, we will advise on the best course of action to take depending on the Debtors circumstances.

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Enforcement Services

Once we have obtained a County Court Judgment and if the Defendant has still not paid the outstanding debt, we will advise you on the best course of action to take to recover your money.

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Our Prices

To see at a glance the range of services we offer and our none membership prices, please click below..

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Who We Are & What We Do

ARC Collections are here to support both Residential and Commercial Landlords with Eviction and Debt Collection services.

We offer both one off Collection and Eviction Services or can take multiple cases from cradle to grave, depending on your needs.

Working within the industry since 1998, we have established ourselves as one of the UK's leading Eviction and Collection Agencies.

Our business and solid reputation is built around our core values of professionalism, integrity, performance and excellence in service delivery.

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The ARC Collections offers a full Eviction, Rent and Debt Collection Service on a nationwide basis, to both independent property owners and commercial companies.

If you have cases where you wish us to check that your Section 8 or Section 21 notices are valid, we will check these notices for free.

We will also be happy to discuss with you your chances of success on Rent and Debt collection cases free of charge.

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